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Gaze into The Gypsy Wizard's crystal ball under Harry's Wizardry, Magical Maidens......
there will be many "Lil Wizards" for sale in 2005/2006....share with us as the Mystics arrive!

**A Keeper** is a horse that is highly prized, not for sale or very expensive 

The Gypsy Wizard, **A KEEPER** or lovingly referred to as "Harry"

Got Color…Got Hair…Got It All…Get One of Yours!

The Gypsy Wizard, or lovingly referred to as "Harry" is our Foundation Bred traditional Gypsy Horse Stallion. Harry boosts quite a career in driving and is broke to ride for anyone, even small children. Trustworthy, friendly, "aged gelding", curious and loving describes his personality. Along with his outstanding conformation, bone and size Harry is a perfect cross on draft type mares such as Clydesdales or Shires and will add more feather and color to this foal, mixed with lighter breeds will produce a sport horse of exciting proportions! Bred to your quality Gypsy mare the resulting foal will be what the Gypsy breeders strive for and the excellence that Feather Hill Farm insists on, **A Keeper**…

THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT HARRY! With his beautiful blue eyes and loving personality all ages of people are drawn to him. Along with his temperament and conformation qualities Harry is homozygous for the tobiano gene and the black gene; he is negative for the agouti gene, meaning Harry is a true black and white tobiano. Additionally we tested Harry for the lethal white gene and of course he tested negative. So when breeding to Harry you are guaranteed color, temperament, conformation and an extraordinary foal! There is no guess work when you breed your mare to The Gypsy Wizard!

The Gypsy Wizard’s breeding fee for 2006 will remain $850 with a $200 booking fee, which IS included with the breeding fee....reserve a place today as his book is limited! Harry is available for live cover and we will be working with the renowned Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic on shipped semen. Want to talk Harry, color, registry questions, call us toll free 1-877-FHFCOLOR (343-2656) or e-mail for your breeding contract today! If you are interested in live cover, contact us in regards to mare care…

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